Fresh Start

You may be reading this already knowing what I have decided to do, but if you have no clue what this is about then you'll soon know. From 2014 I began my twitter account as a way to communicate with friends who I played video games with, it was created with no intent for it to one day be followed by 43,000 people across the world. Before I start though I would love to really appreciate every single person who followed me over the years and showed support when I needed it most, this is why I only now am 100% sure what I am doing is right. 

I started using my twitter as a design platform, I wanted to dip my toe into an industry that was both for my passion, which at the time was playing video games and designing. I remember getting my first 1,000 followers and couldn't believe it, soon after 10,000 and I really wanted to grow more and more as a creative but also as someone who people could aspire to be like. There are things I have said in the past when I was young and caught up in the success my twitter was getting that I don't want to come back and bite me in the arse. I have never been anyone to say awful things online but I don't want to take the risk as I am in a position where I will be getting a full-time job in an industry I fucking love.

I met a lot of incredible people through this account, creatives I am still friends with today, 4 years after starting. I know this handful of people will remain friends for life. However, I wanted to end my following because it was a 50/50 split of people who enjoy video games and people who enjoy designing. I want my twitter to be a place where I can talk all things design, and for everyone who follows me to understand why I design in a certain way, what motives I want to communicate through my work and I feel I couldn't really do that on this platform because there will be people who don't understand. 

One thing I will always appreciate through this twitter account is the people who tweet me all the time saying how I inspired them to get into the design industry, how my work is a catalyst for them to do something new. Every single person who has ever tweeted me that means so much to because it shows what I was doing was impacting people. I started off creating design work for gaming organisations and it was fun but wasn't me. I create work that tells stories, work that is supposed to be listened to or inspire change. 2016 when my dad passed away I told myself it's time for that change, it's time to really kick start my career, do what I love because I just wanted to make him proud through the work I was doing. When I started posting work that I put blood sweat and tears into I got an incredible response from those who cared and understood design but 50% of my followers didn't care as much because it wasn't what they are used to, which is understandable. 

I have wanted to do this for a long time but never bit the bullet, I have had some amazing experiences and opportunities because of my following but I don't want my social media following to define my success as a creative. Of course I will forever be greatful to those who followed me for all these years but its time I deleted the account, be happy with what I am sharing and not always worrying about what audience will respond. I would rather 1,000 followers who understand my work and my drive to be a successful creative than 40,000 people who dont understand.

Having saying all of this I still I have a new twitter account, if you are a creative and want to follow my journey more I would love that as I have such a good connection with you.

Below is my new handle.


Branding Inspiration 02

This week we have a couple of fashion brand identities that offer different approaches to their visual identity but the same intent 'streetwear'. The other 2 pieces of work that I have selected to put in the blog as because of their ability to go above and beyond, the level of detail highlighted in the work is inspiring.

The American entrepreneurial startup, beautifully redefining server technology. By 

Greig Anderson and Daniel Freytag

Visual identity design for a photography festival in Sopot. An event during which best photographers from Poland and around the world met and presented their work. Our studio was responsible for the design of all visual assets - from logo design, through posters and billboards, to identity cards and postcards. By lessAnna HolikMartyna Wędzicka, and Gosia Perkowska.

Asos minimal rebrand concept. By aa_ Design Studio

Sabbath Visuals and Death Club are registered trademarks. By SabbathAlain Noguez, and Jorge Zamonsett


PAAVA is a Hungarian men’s streetwear brand. Their concept is to create basic clothes from quality materials. They focus on the fashion, on the minimal but original style and the premium quality. Fitting to these leading ideas we designed a precise graphic conception for the pictogrammes on the washing label, for the labels of the delivery packages and for the identity’s font as well. By Krisztián Lakosi and Lakosi Richárd.

Branding Inspiration 01

This week share five of my favourite pieces of branding I have seen this year in 2017. Branding is something I love, it's what I always look at to get better, I create inspiration boards all the time so what better place to share some of the visual identities that inspire me and my work every day.

Culture. A new identity for a behaviour led agency helping brands 'behave' rather than 'transmit'. 485 Design was approached to create a brand identity that didn't get in the way of communication but enhanced it. Culture are experts in positioning, launching and growing brands successfully with limited reliance on traditional media channels. By Nathan Chambers and 485 Design

Our London home in Shoreditch is in many ways a physical representation of this. We wanted to create an identity that looked like a contemporary gallery but exuded the wit and personality of Mother. The resulting identity is built around a simple marque that subverts the norm whilst also clearly communicating Downstairs at Mother. What’s more, when used as an acronym it supplies a new approach to communicating our events with the down-to-earth tone of voice that Mother is famous for.  By George LavenderMother DesignChristian Cervantes, and Avi Bernet.


Identity Design for Central Saint Martins Work in Progress Show. By Tina Touli and Bastian Müller



 The identity was to offer a flexible framework for promoting eclectic events in what was once the largest printing facility in Europe. The huge rollers of the printing press informed the dynamic wordmark. Wrapping type around cylinders we generated infinite iterations of the logotype for use across applications. Typographic expression and the movement inherent to historic printing processes runs throughout the wider identity. Layouts derived from printed newspaper sheets offer a snapshot of the process and embrace the mistakes and messy nature of the press.  By Only Studio.


Identity and brand development for C2MTL. By 26 Lettres