Landor London

I was fortunate to be invited to Landor's London office part of their graduation scheme. Sheffield Institute of Arts selected me and 6 others to visit their office to visit London in a way to show what lie after university can be like for a big agency. Landor, one of the biggest design agencies in the world was kind enough to speak to us and provide feedback on our work, that alone is amazing to have world leaders in the creative industry comment on your portfolio. The thing I loved most about Landor (other than their amazing office view) was their family like environment, everyone looked happy and part of a team, the fact they had a balance of both female and male designers and creators automatically made me realise that they give everyone a fair opportunity. I have been to design agencies in the past that are heavily male populated so it was nice to see a change for women in design. Starting with a presentation they shared the work they have done for global clients, showcasing what we could be working on if we were to intern there, which is something I will most certainly apply for. Landor answered any questions you threw at them and I love how passionate they were about the graduation scheme, really helping those who have just graduated with a chance to get your foot in the door of the industry. 

In comparison to all of the above, I really wanted to know what it was like moving to London straight from graduation and Becky one of the graduating scheme team members was amazing in answering any questions. I really wanted to understand how hard it is but how rewarding it can be and she was honest about it all, and it really did make me think that maybe London is the place to be to intern and start my creative journey. She shared her experience with me and made me understand that it is scary but worth it, it can be hard but taking risks in this industry lead to bigger and better things so it's worth taking the risk.

Overall it was an amazing experience that I will never forget, having people who believe in your future and want new creatives to achieve is inspiring and motivating. The team at Landor London were welcoming, interested in our background, and treated us like part of their team, inviting us for drinks in the office and really getting to know people. Brilliant experience and I can't thank Pam from SIA and Landor enough for the opportunity.