Branding Inspiration 01

This week share five of my favourite pieces of branding I have seen this year in 2017. Branding is something I love, it's what I always look at to get better, I create inspiration boards all the time so what better place to share some of the visual identities that inspire me and my work every day.

Culture. A new identity for a behaviour led agency helping brands 'behave' rather than 'transmit'. 485 Design was approached to create a brand identity that didn't get in the way of communication but enhanced it. Culture are experts in positioning, launching and growing brands successfully with limited reliance on traditional media channels. By Nathan Chambers and 485 Design

Our London home in Shoreditch is in many ways a physical representation of this. We wanted to create an identity that looked like a contemporary gallery but exuded the wit and personality of Mother. The resulting identity is built around a simple marque that subverts the norm whilst also clearly communicating Downstairs at Mother. What’s more, when used as an acronym it supplies a new approach to communicating our events with the down-to-earth tone of voice that Mother is famous for.  By George LavenderMother DesignChristian Cervantes, and Avi Bernet.


Identity Design for Central Saint Martins Work in Progress Show. By Tina Touli and Bastian Müller



 The identity was to offer a flexible framework for promoting eclectic events in what was once the largest printing facility in Europe. The huge rollers of the printing press informed the dynamic wordmark. Wrapping type around cylinders we generated infinite iterations of the logotype for use across applications. Typographic expression and the movement inherent to historic printing processes runs throughout the wider identity. Layouts derived from printed newspaper sheets offer a snapshot of the process and embrace the mistakes and messy nature of the press.  By Only Studio.


Identity and brand development for C2MTL. By 26 Lettres