Graduation Show 2017

Pitching for the graduation show was one of the best weeks of my life, developing a concept with a great little team and having to sell it to be produced is what I wanted to get out of university. I am a creative who loves seeing their work come to life and this brief/ project achieved that. It was by far the hardest and most stressful thing I have done during my time as a designer because of the management that goes in to managing a huge budget, managing time and emails, quotes and materials. We had to do everything but because of that I found I learnt most of the skills I have today because of this project, dealing with deadlines and really having to be anal when asking for work and being strict with business.

The concept of the show was 'full circle', the idea that everyone starts as nothing but ends as something and we repeat that process when we leave university, we start again and learn our trade as a full-time creative living and working in a competitive industry of incredible talented creatives. The show needed personality, something we achieved through the use of imagery and photography, it lets those viewing the show see what a fun and interesting group of undergraduates we are.  

The concept of the show had to be delivered in person, the structure had to portray the intent behind the branding, inspired by the SIA staircase and the 2 courses represented graphic design and illustration. Working with Tom Tobia to get the show up and figured out was much needed, I'll never fully appreciate what he did to help us achieve our concept, from the last minute run to B&Q to get materials to build the structure to the working out of measurements and the help to bring the show to life. One of the best tutors who really wants his students to do well and be as successful as possible. 

The feedback from the show was incredible, to see people understand our concept and how we delivered it to a live event was brilliant. I love how everyone said how much room there was to navigate through students work as the previous year it was rather tight and hard to move. We really wanted to make this show something to remember, from the catalogue, the brand identity, exhibition design and photography I can truly say it has been an experience I won't forget. It was hard work but from the feedback, it was worth every second.