Fresh Start

You may be reading this already knowing what I have decided to do, but if you have no clue what this is about then you'll soon know. From 2014 I began my twitter account as a way to communicate with friends who I played video games with, it was created with no intent for it to one day be followed by 43,000 people across the world. Before I start though I would love to really appreciate every single person who followed me over the years and showed support when I needed it most, this is why I only now am 100% sure what I am doing is right. 

I started using my twitter as a design platform, I wanted to dip my toe into an industry that was both for my passion, which at the time was playing video games and designing. I remember getting my first 1,000 followers and couldn't believe it, soon after 10,000 and I really wanted to grow more and more as a creative but also as someone who people could aspire to be like. There are things I have said in the past when I was young and caught up in the success my twitter was getting that I don't want to come back and bite me in the arse. I have never been anyone to say awful things online but I don't want to take the risk as I am in a position where I will be getting a full-time job in an industry I fucking love.

I met a lot of incredible people through this account, creatives I am still friends with today, 4 years after starting. I know this handful of people will remain friends for life. However, I wanted to end my following because it was a 50/50 split of people who enjoy video games and people who enjoy designing. I want my twitter to be a place where I can talk all things design, and for everyone who follows me to understand why I design in a certain way, what motives I want to communicate through my work and I feel I couldn't really do that on this platform because there will be people who don't understand. 

One thing I will always appreciate through this twitter account is the people who tweet me all the time saying how I inspired them to get into the design industry, how my work is a catalyst for them to do something new. Every single person who has ever tweeted me that means so much to because it shows what I was doing was impacting people. I started off creating design work for gaming organisations and it was fun but wasn't me. I create work that tells stories, work that is supposed to be listened to or inspire change. 2016 when my dad passed away I told myself it's time for that change, it's time to really kick start my career, do what I love because I just wanted to make him proud through the work I was doing. When I started posting work that I put blood sweat and tears into I got an incredible response from those who cared and understood design but 50% of my followers didn't care as much because it wasn't what they are used to, which is understandable. 

I have wanted to do this for a long time but never bit the bullet, I have had some amazing experiences and opportunities because of my following but I don't want my social media following to define my success as a creative. Of course I will forever be greatful to those who followed me for all these years but its time I deleted the account, be happy with what I am sharing and not always worrying about what audience will respond. I would rather 1,000 followers who understand my work and my drive to be a successful creative than 40,000 people who dont understand.

Having saying all of this I still I have a new twitter account, if you are a creative and want to follow my journey more I would love that as I have such a good connection with you.

Below is my new handle.